Ever thought about having a permanent style-guide, or a wardrobe assistant for keeping your Indian closet up-to-date? You’d be extremely fortunate if you had one at your disposal 24*7, but if not, then trend alert posts like these are always there to guide you! All the convenience of shopping online can be wiped out with the enormity of options available. Even if it is something as simple as a plain saree , or a basic cotton pllazzo suit, the multitude of choices can be delightful and baffling at the same time. Everyone wants to look stunning, but when it comes to fashion, recency is superlative! Choosing the best outfits over the internet can be a tedious task, and therefore most of the websites have a separate page called New Arrivals. We’re onto summery days again and with that- loads of sunshine! It’s time to put those thick cardigans and our cozy layers aside and be ready to face the heat with a whole lot of gorgeousness. Taking in the seasonal changes in the fashion scenario, we’re back with one of the biggest trends you ought to sport- the pastel palette! Light, soothing, refreshing, and full of sophistication, pastels are the coolest colors of the season. So scroll down to know more about the ‘pastel rush’ in detail.